100 Pct Insulin Needle for HGH Pen


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Insulin pen needle heads 100 pieces for HGH Injection Pen


The PCT Insulin Needle is some of the thinnest needles on the market.  This is essential to purchase when you buy steroids.

The gauge measures the needle diameter. So, the thinner the needle is, the higher the gauge number. In some states, purchasing this just like when you buy steroids will require a prescription.

Moreover, PCT Insulin needles are ultra-thin. It measures 4mm, which is designed to minimize pain.  Vaccination needles are typically between 15mm and 31mm/

PCT Insulin Needle for HGH Pen is less than one-quarter of a millimeter thick (0.2mm). In comparison, vaccination needles are usually between 23-25 gauge or 0.6mm to 0.5mm.

PCT Insulin Needles for HGH pen are disposable needles. It can be twisted on and off the pen and should be discarded after usage.

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