ARIMIDYN – Driada (EU)


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Raw Material: Anastrozole
Manufacturer: DRIADA
Package: 50 tabs (0.5 mg/tab)

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DescriptionRaw Material: Anastrozole Manufacturer: DRIADA Package: 50 tabs (0.5 mg/tab)ACTIVE INGREDIENT: OXANDROLONE 10mg COUNT: 100 tablets ACTIVE HALF-LIFE: 9 HOURS CLASSIFICATION: ANABOLIC STEROID DOSAGE MEN: 10-100 MG/DAY DOSAGE WOMEN: 5-30 MG/DAY ACNE: RARELY WATER RETENTION: NO HBR: NO HEPATOXITY: LOW AROMATIZATION: NOActive Ingredient: Stanozolol 10mg Tablet Count: 50 Tablets Active Half-life: 9 Hours Classification: Anabolic Steroid Dosage Men: 20-50 Mg/day Acne: Yes Water Retention: No Hbr: Perhaps Hepatoxity: YesSubstance: Fluoxymesterone Application: Oral Dosage: 5 mg/tab Packing: 50 Tablets per Box Elimination half-life: 9.2 hours Drug Class: Androgen, Anabolic steroid.
Active Ingredient: Methandienone 10mg Count: 100 Tabs Active Half-life: 5-6 Hours Classification: Anabolic Steroid Acne: Yes Concentration: 10 mg/cap Presentation: 100 Capsules (Total box 1000mg) Dosage: 20-80mg per day over the course of 6-8 weeks
Active Ingredient: Oxandrolone 10mg Active Half-life: 9 Hours Classification: Anabolic Steroid Dosage Men: 50-100 Mg/day Dosage Women: 5-30 Mg/day Acne: Rarely Water Retention: No Hbr: No Hepatoxity: Low Aromatization: No
ContentOxandrolone 10mg x 100 tablets Oxandrolone is one of the best and most safest steroids this is due to the minimal risk of adverse reactions. Effects from the use of oxandrolone Increases hardness of muscles and relief. This is the primary effect that is highly valued by bodybuilders. Combined course with oxandrolone during drying allows to obtain muscle mass without relief of any accumulation of liquid.
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