Pramipexole 2mg

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Pramipexole is a dopamine agonist which primary purpose is to treat Parkinson’s Disease. However, athletes used this drug primarily to combat a specific kind of gynecomastia. It also improves sexual function that is sometimes diminished through the use of specific anabolic steroids. However, a low dose of this drug offset the issue of increase prolactin that negatively affect a man’s sexual performance like maintaining an erection.

Side effects depend on the genes and do not negatively affect most users in a significant way but they can be quite bothersome for some. It includes nausea which are the most common side effect, vomiting, hallucinations which are rare, loss of appetite, edema, insomnia dizziness, headache, and muscle twitches.

How to use it?
For prolactin control to combat gynecomastia or improve sexual function due to steroids use. Generally, 0.25-0.5 mg two times per week is enough to combat issues. Some may need to start on low doses so that the body may adjust in order to avoid side effects.

However, always remember not to take steroids online or other medications if you are pregnant for the cases of women. The doctor must regularly examine you for this possibility. Tell your doctor all of your health conditions as there may some interactions with your current medication of steroids online. Importantly, they should extra supervise you in case you have an existing condition. Lastly, only the doctor or a nurse can administer these steroids online. Your dose depends on your condition and your doctor will decide the dosage.

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