We all want to get bigger.  The main goal in fitness, no matter how you try to shape it, is to get larger, stronger, and faster. This leads to the use of steroids or other prohibited medications.

You can aim to increase your general fitness and health in a variety of ways, including eating a balanced diet, using supplements, and training for muscle growth.

The thing is, you’ll discover that the people you see in the movies, or on stage were in no doubt on some of the good stuff — steroids – at some point.

We must remember, however, that anabolic steroids can be harmful to your body, especially over time. To meet the demands of their fitness and ambitions, many bodybuilders and strong athletes are resorting to more legal supplements or steroid alternatives.

Let’s break down the most common steroids so we can look at each individual property to assist you find the perfect match for your objectives. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for these products!


The goal of steroid use is to improve performance and speed up recovery time. This drug, in most situations, do not grow muscle on their own; instead, they allow you to workout harder and for longer periods of time without becoming exhausted. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product!

Here are the best drugs available right now.


The most well-known and widely used anabolic steroid on the market today. CIBA developed this drug, which was first sold in Germany and the United States. It is first known to have been developed solely for the goal of improving anabolic performance. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product!


The capacity of this drug to rapidly increase testosterone levels is its greatest specialty. This will not only help you get stronger, but it may also provide you a huge boost in gym performance – especially if you use big weights and few reps.

Side Effects 

It has a list of negative side effects. The list is long, ranging from increased acne to a loss of sleep.

The most common negative effect is estrogenic stimulation (high estrogen levels), which is linked to gynecomastia (male breast tissue growth), also known as man boobs. As a result, after a cycle, you should absolutely consider taking an estrogen blocker.


If you participate in endurance sports, this supplement is especially beneficial. This drug was developed to treat anemia, which is a deficiency of red blood cells. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product! 


It aids in the production of more red blood cells, which can result in a higher oxygen carrying capacity. As a result, this drug is mostly used to extend the time of training sets, although it has also been demonstrated to be useful for weight growth.

Side Effects 

Because it isn’t strictly an anabolic steroid and instead acts to stimulate red blood cells and the hormones that produce them, it can mess with your internal clock.

Depression, lethargy, headaches, edema, rapid weight gain, and even changes in skin color may occur in certain people.



Commonly known as tren, this durg is a highly effective anabolic steroid available today. It was made by modifying the steroid nandrolone. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product!

This hormone has a double bond between carbon 9 and carbon 11, which can delay metabolism and so reduce muscle breakdown.


This drug isn’t necessarily an anabolic supplement because it serves to slow down metabolism and muscle breakdown. Instead, this steroid helps you to train at high intensities while consuming very few calories, allowing you to gain muscle mass – ideal for muscle building.

This is also ideal for anyone planning to compete in a stage competition.

Side Effects

It can cause a wide range of side effects, including renal problem, low HDL levels, skin and dermatology problems, excessive sweating, reversible infertility, spontaneous erections, and more.


Human growth hormone is a natural hormone that our bodies produce during our adolescent years to promote bone, muscle, and soft tissue growth. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product!


HGH is well known for its capacity to turn back the biological clock in your body, reducing body fat, growing muscle, and restoring hair, skin, and immunological function. Because it acts to increase growth, HGH is generally used to develop muscle and strengthen bones and soft tissue (of all cells). Again, ideal for muscle development.

Side Effects

It has fewer side effects than other anabolic steroids, yet it should not be taken casually.

Because this drug stimulates the growth of many cellular structures, it can place a lot of strain on the heart, lungs, and other internal organs, causing heart disease, hypertension, and even cancer.


It is also known as Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, is an old and forgotten steroid that was first developed in the 1950s. Make sure to visit Roidfactory for this product!


This drug, like many other Nandrolone-based anabolic steroids, has a lot of advantages. Many of them come into the category of mass increase and muscle building. It also is the most effective steroid for gaining pure bulk and strength.

It works by increasing testosterone levels and limiting muscle breakdown, resulting in a bigger and stronger physique.

Side Effects

Because of the early restriction and lack of research, this drug has a list of negative side effects.

With that in mind, the negative effects include heart disease, cancer (because to elevated cholesterol), and significant estrogenic problems, which can lead to gynecomastia and increased heart stress.

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